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The Godfather Sandwich

Steak, egg, hatch chiles, Havarti cheese, horseradish & cracked black pepper cream cheese.

The Goodfella Sandwich

Sausage, egg, hatch chile, Havarti cheese, and avocado cream cheese.

The Lucky Sandwich

Belgian waffle, egg, bacon, spinach, Munster cheese, and chipotle aioli.

The Hitman Sandwich

Turkey, spinach, egg, havarti cheese, avocado cream cheese, chipotle aiolio and tomato.

Becca Blanco Sandwich

Bacon, egg, Munster cheese, and avocado.

The Fugazi Sandwich

Black bean chipotle patty, egg, spinach, chipotle aioli, and avocado cream cheese.

Sonny Sandwich

Over easy egg, turkey sausage, spinach, Pepper Jack, and brown sugar cream cheese.

Cosa Nostra Sandwich

Lox, caper, red onion, garlic & herb cream cheese.

Hash Browns

(1) golden brown hash brown patty

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Hidden gem in the Lansing area. These bagels were absolutely phenomenal. I was nervous about the Sonny having brown sugar cream cheese but the flavors went together so well, don't be scared of it. These bagel sandwiches were amazing and definitely recommend.

Hannah A.

Hannah A.

Great little bagel spot in downtown Lansing. It's located in a former, old-school men's clothing store. Great selection of various bagel sandwiches and innovative. The gentleman who served me was super. I highly recommend it.

David M.

David M.

This place is AWESOME! Delicious menu with an option for everyone (including vegetarian bagel sandwich with black bean patty) and they are affordable and fast. Tried the Beca Blanco today and definitely coming back soon for more!

Emily D.

Emily D.


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Only Fresh Ingredients

Only Fresh Ingredients
We invest in quality ingredients to ensure our customers get the great taste we’re famous for. Because we believe that you deserve the best.

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Made With Love
Our secret ingredient is passion. Everyone on our team is passionate about making your time with us as great as it can be – from start to finish.

Raw food advisory

Raw food advisory
Eating raw or undercooked food may contain bacteria that is harmful to your health*
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Lansing's Best Gourmet Bagel Shop!

Lansing's Best Gourmet Bagel Shop!
Breakfast sandwiches served on the finest bagels, paired with the finest quality ingredients. Featuring selections from Zingermans out of Ann Arbor.

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